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Are You Hearing Scary Car Problem Sounds?

Are You Hearing Scary Car Problem Sounds?

Does your car sound like a horror movie on wheels? At this time of year, we’re all about all things spooky, but not when it comes to your car. The last thing anyone wants is a car that grinds, growls or goes bump in the night. What do all those sounds mean, and what do you do when your car is sounding scarier than the soundtrack to your favorite Halloween movie. Scary car sounds got you down? Whether you need a tune up or major repair, a trip to the garage is in order. Scary Car Problem Sounds Any unusual sound can be scary when you’re driving down the road. Though some are more serious than others, none should go ignored. Avoid the temptation to crank up the radio to turn out those scary noises. Instead, pay close attention to exactly what type of sound you are hearing and where it’s coming from. Grinding? Growling? Groaning? What Do You Hear? The type of sound you hear provides the first clue as to the nature of your problem. If you&r ... read more


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