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Keeping Your Car Cool This Summer

Keeping Your Car Cool

[Updated 6/2/2021] Yes, once again the dog days of summer are upon us. While some people may actually appreciate and enjoy the excessive heat, automobiles definitely do not. Why would they? It’s always hot under the hood to begin with, no matter what the season. That’s why it’s especially important to ensure that your automobile’s air conditioning and cooling system is in tip-top condition during this extreme temperature weather.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Keeping Your Car Cool This Summer

There are of course some precautionary measures that you can take to make sure your car will be able to handle the summer heat. The first would be to run the system for a few minutes at least once a week, no matter what the outside temperature is. Doing so will help keep the hoses, valves and system pumps active and well lubricated. Also, physically inspect the hoses, pulleys, and connections periodically to confirm that everything is right and tight. In addition, check the coolant level regularly to see if the right amount is the reservoir. Remember, when adding fluid, it’s crucial that you use the coolant type that is recommended for your particular automobile.

Some auto owners believe they need to recharge their air-conditioning system with refrigerant on a regular basis, though that isn’t true. However, if your car’s air-conditioning system is blowing warm air on warm days, then it’s likely that it IS low on refrigerant. This can occur if the car is really old and simply ran out over the years. However, the most likely cause is a leak in the system, which can, unfortunately, be anywhere. So, you must decide whether to troubleshoot it yourself or take it to a professional technician for inspection and repair.

A car’s air-conditioning system relies on a few components to function properly. The main parts are the evaporator, condenser, and compressor. Yet there are also other elements that must be doing their job in order for cooling to continue. In fact, if the air conditioning in your car isn’t up to par or has completely stopped working, a leak in a hose, connector, or other parts of the system is probably the reason. Also, if your air conditioning has lost its potency after adding refrigerant, then you probably do have a leak somewhere.

If there is a leak, the air-conditioning system on many modern vehicles is set to shut down once the refrigerant level drops too low. This is done in order to prevent damage to the compressor. When talking about refrigerant, we’re not referring to Freon anymore. That’s the ‘old’ type that’s no longer used in the U.S. due to the fact that it damages the earth’s ozone layer. Newer automobiles use a refrigerant known as R-134. The EPA provides helpful information for consumers regarding this topic.

Hopefully this info helps to keep everything cool this summer. However, if you live in the Denver area and are in need of expert auto Air Conditioning advice, feel free to contact us at Tune Tech Automotive. Our certified technicians are proficient with AC as well as fixing practically any other car problem. They can perform a complete inspection, inform you of their findings, and immediately address any issues. Whether it’s regular maintenance or repair, stop by Tune Tech for topnotch service!


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