Aurora Auto Repair

To keep your car running smoothly, efficiently and safely, it is extremely important to follow scheduled maintenance and get regular tune-ups. When your vehicle is properly tuned, you are likely to experience better performance, improved emissions, and increased mileage. A tune up is basically a check-up of your vehicle by a skilled mechanic.

Automotive Tune-ups

During a tune-up, all your vehicle’s important systems are checked and fixed as needed. Things that are commonly checked include spark plugs and wires, idle speed, timing, choke, throttle linkage and distributor cap. The battery is typically checked during a tune-up as well since it is a crucial component with a limited lifespan. During a thorough inspection, your mechanic is also likely to check your brakes, belts, exhaust system, transmission, and tires.

Simply checking the fluids and the air pressure in a vehicle’s tires often leads to noticeable improvements in fuel economy. Most new vehicles require very little when it comes to tune-ups as long as routine maintenance and oil changes are being performed as recommended.

Regular tune-ups are an important part of keeping your vehicle running it's best and can even help extend the life of your vehicle. Contact us today to schedule a tune-up for your car.

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